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Have you met Owen Walcher lately? Depending on when you knew him, he was a different person.

If you knew Owen back in the last millenium, you probably remember a brilliant but angry kid with no social skills. Cancer has wiped most of the brilliance, the anger was actually passion but most often misunderstood because, well, he is still working on those social skills.

Seven years ago Owen survived cancer, and walks among us living as a healthy human being by not eating anything that comes from a package. Try it some time. Breathe too, with intention to bring in positive energies. Water is also your friend. Preferably from a glass at the sink so you are not doing the plastic thing.

As of this writing, he has lived full time the last four years in the state of Nayarit Mexico. He came with a divorced white woman in her RV, and built a business that she now has, since he chose to leave the toxic relationship behind. Take this time to evaluate your own life and purge anything that is not helping you. It is NOT your job to help others until you are completely healed yourself. Are you?

While in Mexico, Owen published Kindle books in Spanish and English, since amazon.com has added a Mexico website to sell Kindles and Kindle Books in English and Spanish. Http://HandmadeMexico.com/ will also play a part in helping the entrepreneurial spirit live in Mexico, sourcing handmade products from Mexico for sale to amazon customers in America. This is in addition to his Cleopatra Beauty Care line of health and anti-aging products.

If you knew him in the past couple years, most likely you thought he was one of the happiest men alive, living the dream of heaven here on earth, with a wonderful Mexican woman. Soul mates with many shared lives. Times can be truly awesome, and then taken away at a moments notice for no apparent reason. Do not forget to live in the here and now always. Seize the day! It may be your last.

But since 2015, Owen Walcher is now a different person. The lovely Mexican wife has left, and Owen was deported. Nonetheless, life goes on and with it the spirit of love in the heart of Owen for his new home: Thailand!

Owen Walcher in Thailand

Now thoat Owen is living in Thailand, he is officially retired. Meanwhile, Ask a Friend Publishing, his US-based business keeps ticking along. But of course Owen is not one to sit still, so he stokes the local economy by purchasing products and having his local helpers get them packaged and shipped for him while he whiles away the hour on Facebook. The latest Brand is Thai Made, promoting local artisans from around the regions of such a lovely country as Thailand.



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